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School Improvement

We offer a range of school improvement services, including Monitoring and Evaluation activities (working in conjunction with the school's regular calendar if required) such as observation, work scrutiny, and pupil interviews.

We work with schools to develop and implement School Improvement Plans, at whole school and subject level.

Other services include data analysis, judging achievevement over time, validation of the  Self Evaluation Summary (SES), identification and development of school improvement priorities, and subject audits.

All school improvement work is planned according to school need, and followed up with a written report identifying agreed strengths and action points.

A School Review is a joint review of school monitoring and evaluation processes to check for accuracy and robustness of self-evaluation.

The visit may involve a range of activities to:
- review monitoring and evaluation processes to confirm with the school’s leadership the accuracy of its current self-evaluation;
- confirm strengths and the impact of recent school improvement activity in the focus area;
- identify areas requiring further improvement;
- facilitate discussion about strengths and areas for improvement with senior leaders and governors.

School Reviews

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